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UHMWPE Coal Mining Pipe

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UHMWPE coal mining pipe is our independent designed high-tech product. It is made from ultra high density polyethylene resin of the molecular weight of no less than 2.5 million. Its each performance index significantly exceeds that of high density polyethylene pipes, with properties of "smashing is not rotten, can’t damaged by fall and won’t crack ". All above make the pipe safer, more reliable.

Two key performance indicators of UHMWPE coal mining pipe:
  1.Tensile strength: According to authoritative department sampling test, the ordinary polyethylene mine pipe’ tensile strength is under 15 Mpa, but UHMWPE pipe’s tensile strength for mine is more than 20 Mpa.
  2.Impact resistant strength: Due to the bad coal mine environment, ordinary polyethylene pipe will burst or crack, once being hit by external shocks. However, the impact resistance of PE pipe is 10KL/m² above, so it won’t crack with all kinds of impact and the water hammer effect.

Reliable connection method:
  Ordinary polyethylene pipe’s two ends are connected with welding flange holder, and its fatal drawback is that it’s easy to fracture, hit by the outer force impact, because of the concentrated stress at the welding point. But UHMWPE pipe’s two ends are flanged as gaskets 


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UHMWPE Coal Mining Pipe

UHMWPE Coal Mining Pipe